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Frostpunk Review

Things were going well, or least as well as can be expected against an apocalyptic snowstorm, until the temperature plummeted another 40 degrees. “Snowmaggeddon” is a joke during brutal winters. But nobody’s laughing in the world of Frostpunk when temperatures approach -90 degrees, rendering most of the world uninhabitable.
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The Swords of Ditto Review

Many video game genres overlap and blend well together. Shooting and third-person action. Narrative-rich adventure with first-person exploration. RPG elements in just about everything. Yet in the paraphrased words of Dr. Ian Malcolm, just because you can combine genres doesn’t mean you should.
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Divinity: Original Sin Is One of the Best Co-op Games for Couples

Seven months and 80 hours later my partner and I finally put down our PS4 controllers in triumph to watch the end credits roll on Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition. We have played many cooperative games together over the years but none have enthralled both of us quite like D:OS. Its rewarding tactical combat system, huge world, and most importantly, a story that weaves together both characters equally kept us invested in one of the best cooperative gaming experiences we’ve ever had.
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Ink Monsters Review

Card games can be tricky for younger kids. It can be challenging to hold very many cards in tiny hands, and privately manage their own resources. Ink Monsters alleviates these issues by providing a streamlined set collection card game, themed around drawing kid-friendly monsters. The enchanting artwork and simple iconography helps sell the light-hearted experience, though end game scoring quickly grows complex and unwieldy.
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How a Russian strategy game where you can marry a frog or a zombie became a classic

It is a truth universally acknowledged that Heroes of Might and Magic 3 is not only one of the best PC strategy games ever made, but one of the best games period, perfectly capturing the magic of building castles and battling fantasy armies. Unfortunately 3DO filed for bankruptcy soon after producing the disappointing fourth entry in the series in the early 2000s, taking New World Computing, the developers of Might and Magic, with them.
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Avengers: Infinity War — Who are the Children of Thanos?

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Defense Grid, the 'beer game' that changed a genre

"We wanted to make a beer game," says Michael Austin, creative director and co-founder of Hidden Path Entertainment. "That's a game you can play with one hand while holding a beer." Though Austin and his fellow veterans at Hidden Path had previously worked on several games, Defense Grid: The Awakening was their first self-published title.
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GraviTrax Review

Growing up I didn’t even know the name of the plastic construction sets of tubes that formed cascading ramps for marbles – I just knew they were super fun. Marble runs come in all shapes and sizes, and GraviTrax, engineered by German toy and game company Ravensburger, is not only one of the best I’ve encountered, it’s also the most cerebral.
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Ranking All Six Skylanders Games

Skylanders fans haven’t been feeling confident about the series lately. Activision announced last year that there would be no Skylanders 7 release, the first year a new Skylanders game hadn’t released since the series began in 2011. We’ve been given no new updates on the future of the once stalwart kid-friendly franchise.
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How a videogame composer designed the Tangledeep RPG

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Into the Breach Review

Pacific Rim meets Chess isn’t exactly the most common elevator pitch for indie games, yet it perfectly describes Into the Breach, the long-awaited sophomore release from beloved FTL: Faster Than Light developers Subset Games. Into the Breach successfully retains all the fun roguelike challenges and tactical strategy of FTL while minimizing most randomized frustrations, creating a compelling tactical board game.
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Our biggest screw-ups from Into the Breach

It should be easy. You can see exactly what the vek are going to do next turn, and plan accordingly. There are a lot of ways Into the Breach can go wrong. Here are some of the ways it's happened to us. Jody Macgregor: I'd unlocked the Rusting Hulks squad. Their abilities are focused on using smoke to hinder the vek, which takes some getting used to, and while I was trying to wrap my head around what electric smoke even is, my buildings took some hits.
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