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Clank in Space + Apocalypse Review

In space no one can hear you scream, but Lord Eradikus will surely hear all that noise you’ve been making while snooping around his ship. All that clanking will summon his wrath, and your only hope is to run faster than your friends. Clank in Space is a brilliantly fun board game that combines the strategy of a deckbuilding card game with a space-themed dungeon crawl.
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Pixelkin's Most Anticipated Games of 2019

A large number of games on our 2018 list of most anticipated games were delayed into 2019 – which is all the more reason to get excited for the new year! Next year will kick off with the very long awaited sequel, Kingdom Hearts 3, easily one of the single most anticipated games of the year. From there things get a bit less friendly-family, though still exciting, with the likes of Anthem, Mortal Kombat 11, and the Division 2.
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Pixelkin's 2018 Game of the Year

This year had some truly remarkable games. Games like God of War, Red Dead Redemption 2, Celeste, and Dragon Quest 11 reflected a rich diversity of gameplay experiences. For Pixelkin’s 2018 Game of the Year, we focused on the best games that were particularly well-suited for families. Nintendo once again houses some of the best family-friendly gaming we can find.
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Free Fog of Love promo cards and a preview of the first Android RPG kick off 2019 in January's Tabletop Gaming magazine

Get 2019 started right by picking up January's issue of Tabletop Gaming magazine from December 28th. That's only a week away! It’s a real treat of an issue in January (though isn’t it always?) that begins with what’s on the front cover: a pack of promo cards for hit romantic board game Fog of Love that will let you add 12 new occupations to your game, letting you roleplay as a surfer, tax collector and more.
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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Review

What started out as a goofy mashup of a handful of Nintendo characters having a What-If throw-down has spent the last two decades transforming into one of the most beloved, consistently excellent series on every Nintendo console since the Nintendo 64. As the fifth game in the series Super Smash Bros.
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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Character Unlock Guide

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is a massive crossover fighting game, featuring an enormous roster of over 70 fighters. However, when you first start the game you’re limited to the eight fighters who appeared on the original Super Smash Bros. on the Nintendo 64. You’ll unlock more fighters just through playing, but it’s not as random as you think.
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The tabletop lore behind Mutant Year Zero's gun-toting animals and psionic doomsday cultists

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Pixelkin 2018 Holiday Gift Guide for Gaming Families

When the most popular game on the planet is free to play on every available platform, including phones, what’s a parent or relative shopping for games to do? Despite its popularity, Fortnite isn’t the end all of video games. This year saw huge new franchise releases in a variety of genres, such as Assassin Creed Odyssey, God of War, Dragon Quest 11, Red Dead Redemption 2, and Super Smash Bros.
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How a Young Daughter, a Late Dog, and an 80's Platformer Inspired Battle Princess Madelyn

When your child is having a rough time, many fathers would bring home a teddy bear, or take them out for ice cream. But for pixel artist and indie game developer Christopher Obritsch, he decided to make a game. “[My daughter] Maddi was bullied in daycare and at school,” says Obritsch. “The boys picked on her, telling her she couldn’t do things because she was a girl.
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November 2018 - Issue 24

Discover: Worlds Unknown: Corey Konieczka tells us about his survival exploration adventure in which every single player has a unique box of bits. Could it be the most ambitious board game ever made? Tabletop Gaming Live picture special: Pictures and highlights from our 2018 London convention in Alexandra Palace!
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Megaland Review

In Megaland players explore video game levels fraught with enemies but filled with treasure. If they survive they can use that treasure to purchase buildings and earn victory points. Megaland plays quickly and easily and features beautiful artwork by Red Raven Games designer and illustrator Ryan Laukat.
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October 2018 - Issue 23

Betrayal Legacy: Pandemic Legacy and Risk Legacy mastermind Rob Daviau returns to the House on the Hill to unleash the most shocking series of haunts yet. Arkham Horror: Third Edition: The original Lovecraftian board game is back with a bold new vision. Mansions of Madness and Eldritch Horror designer Nikki Valens tells us more about what to expect.
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Eric Watson

Eric is a freelance writer who enjoys video games, movies, comics, and Dallas-based sports teams.

He lives near Fort Worth, Texas with his wife and daughter, two dogs, two cats, two fish tanks, some hermit crabs, and a bookshelf full of Transformers.