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Planet Coaster Review

Creating your own amusement park should never go out of style. Frontier Developments’ new self-published title Planet Coaster captures the magic of roller coasters and theme parks from classic games like RollerCoaster Tycoon and Sim Theme Park. Planet Coaster succeeds as a modern update to a classic formula thanks to intuitive controls and an aesthetic that keeps everything light and fun.

The Walking Dead's sixth episode is a total snoozefest

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The Walking Dead checks in with the Hilltop, but can't escape Negan's hold

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The Walking Dead tears down Rick a little more as Negan comes to play

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The Best Skylanders: Imaginators Figures from the Launch Wave

With a sixth game in as many years, the Skylanders crew has had to create an astonishing amount of new toy figures. While each Skylanders game has its own unique gimmicks, playing with new and old figures is still the main draw of each entry. Skylanders: Imaginators features one of the most enjoyable new twists in being able to create your own customizable Skylander.

The Walking Dead's most popular character has become its most boring

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The Walking Dead forces one character to make a difficult decision

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Skylanders: Imaginators Review

Available On: PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Wii U. Skylanders introduces a new gimmick with each new generation, and this sixth game finally lets you build your own Skylander. Not only is this gimmick fun and rewarding, but the gameplay and character designs represent the best of what Skylanders can offer.

The Walking Dead finally introduces King Ezekiel, the Kingdom and a tiger

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Planet Coaster Alpha Preview

One of the most beloved series to emerge from the popular Tycoon/Sim genre was RollerCoaster Tycoon. Pitting you in charge of your own budding amusement park, the series enjoyed several expansion packs and a passionate fan base. Later the games transitioned into 3D with RollerCoaster Tycoon 3, and even later onto consoles with the spiritual successor Thrillville.

The Walking Dead's seventh season premiere reveals Negan's victim

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10 crowd-pleasing tabletop games for your next party

A good party game has to fulfill certain criteria. It must very easy to teach and play, and support a large number of players. Party games don't need to be limited to thinly-veiled icebreakers, however. And they should definitely be (mostly) playable while drinking. The modern board gaming scene is full of a diverse collection of games.


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